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As a breeders this is probably one of the best days of my life. My amazing puppy buyers attended on hunting trials today. And for most of them for their first trial ever. And just to have so many of my puppies attending at hunting trial is a really big proud. And adding their amazing results to a perfect day makes me so happy. I’m so freaking proud over you all ❤ Fieldtracking -Royalty Rocks Rey 9,5 months approved aptitude test -Royalty Rocks Kee 9,5 months approved aptitude test -Giovanna all that she wants “Gira” 1,5 year approved aptitude test -Royalty Rocks Hope 9,5 months got her third 1-prize in open class and Swedish field tracking champion Hunting trial youth class (water maximum 10) -Royalty Rocks Rey 9,5 months 10 -SEVCH Royalty Rocks Bolt 9,5 months 9 -Royalty Rocks Mace 9,5 months 7 -Royalty Rocks Kee 9,5 months 8 -SEVCH Royalty Rocks Hope 9,5 months 9 -Royalty Rocks Jinn 9,5 months 9 -Giovanna all that she wants “Gira” 1,5 yeas 10 Hunting trial open class (water maximum 10) -C.I.E SEVCH DKJV-15 KBHJV-15 KBHV-15 Royalty Rocks Piece of My Heart "Yodi" 3,5 year 10 -SEVCH Royalty Rocks She will be Loved ”Aste” 2 years 9 -Giovanna all that she wants “Gira” 1,5 year 10

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